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Part of the quality care we provide at Central Arkansas Disability Services closely involves families and loved ones. We remain accountable not only to our clients, but to each member of their support networks, to develop and maintain the highest standards for healthy living.

The support we provide at Central Arkansas Disability Services centers on the expectations of our clients. We strive to let them remain confident in taking ownership of their care plans and discovering what they truly expect from the outcome of their significant efforts.

It's about confidence...

It's about families

Clients at Central Arkansas Disability Services are encouraged to do the little things to enjoy life. That might mean saving a bit of money for a vacation, our participating in our outings such as Digging for Diamonds, trips to Dog Patch USA, or maybe just a relaxing boat ride.

Our clients enjoy close relationships with caring providers at Central Arkansas Disability Services, where our compassionate professionals take a genuine interest in clients’ lives. That connection is further strengthened by spending quality time together at quarterly activities.

At Central Arkansas Disability Services, the focus always remains on the individual. We follow a holistic approach. We don’t just serve and manage. We support our clients in living robust lives in every aspect, from mental and physical health, to insurance and financial planning.

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